Company Story

Family, society, history
Abraham Sogornski (Complimentary) the company's founder was born in 1889 founding generation native of Russia (Ukraine) and an ardent Zionist movement joined as part of the Baron Hirsch to establish colonies in Argentina at the beginning of the process of realization of Zionism. Graduated from the Electrical Engineering in 1921 and immigrated with his family to Israel.
In addition to being a pioneer of the electrical industry, served as president of the Latin American Immigrants Association in Israel and treated with devotion all costs and costs that approached him.
At that time also immigrated to Israel from Russia Pinhas Rutenberg engineer who in 1923 Get the franchise to establish a production of electricity is the Israel Electric Corporation
The company's offices were established in Haifa Bay when Abraham Sogornski its suppliers was the main course
Uriel Complimentary youth was sent to the office of Pinhas Rutenberg to receive payment for the supply of equipment
Indeed, the story of the emergence of a family is interwoven in the history of the Land of Israel and the State of Israel.